Master, I want to see!

There is no record of the blind who were healed in the Old Testament. However, there are passages in the Psalms and Isaiah which mention the healing of the blind: Psalm 146 extols the Lord, the God of Jacob, who alone gives sight to the blind (Psalm 146:8). Isaiah 29 prophesies the day of redemption of Jerusalem when, on that day, the eyes of the blind shall see (Isaiah 29:18); similarly, Isaiah 35 prophesies the deliverance of Israel, when the eyes of the blind shall see and the ears of the deaf shall be opened (Isaiah 35:5). Finally, Isaiah 42 prophesies the coming of the Servant of the Lord, who will open the eyes of the blind and free those who live in darkness (Isaiah 42:7).

In the New Testament, all four Gospels recorded Jesus healing the blind. Mark tells of the healing of the blind man in Bethsaida (Mark 8:22-26) and Bartimaeus on the roadside from Jericho (Mark 10:46-52). Matthew tells of the healing of two blind men in Capernaum (Matthew 9:27-31) and two blind men on the roadside from Jericho (Matthew 20:29-34). Luke mentions that Jesus granted sight to many who were blind (Luke 7:21) and tells of the healing of the blind beggar on the roadside towards Jericho (Luke 18:35-43). Finally, John devotes chapter 9 to the story of the healing of the man born blind, emphasizing that it was unheard of that anyone ever opened the eyes of a person born blind (John 9:32).

The healing of the blind in the Gospels is yet another sign that Jesus fulfilled the prophecies of the Old Testament. But more than that, the healing of the blind beggar Bartimaeus also instructs us how to present our needs to Christ. Bartimaeus cried out to Jesus when he knew Jesus was passing by, but the crowd rebuked him and told him to be quiet. However, Bartimaeus cried out all the more. Jesus stopped walking and called for him. Jesus asked Bartimaeus, “What do you want me to do for you?” He replied, “Master, I want to see!” Jesus said, “Go your way; your faith has saved you.” Immediately he received his sight and followed Jesus on the way (Mark 10:51-52). Jesus told Bartimaeus to go his way, but instead of going his own way, Bartimaeus followed Jesus on the way. The healing of Bartimaeus was not only a physical transformation. There was also a spiritual transformation which took place, which made Bartimaeus see Christ as the One whom he was to follow.   The story of Bartimaeus inspires us to keep crying out to Christ, even when people (or ourselves) tell us to stop and to give up. Even if Jesus already knows what we will ask for, we must articulate what we need with a lowly and humble heart. Bartimaeus begged Jesus for the one thing that he desired more than anything in life, but he got more than what he had asked for – he became a disciple and followed Jesus on the way. There might be a lot of things on our mind that we want, but perhaps the best thing to ask for is what Bartimaeus asked for: “Lord, I want to see. I want to see you more clearly through the eyes of faith, so that I can follow you all the way!”

Next Sunday, October 31  Please bring framed pictures of your departed loved ones to the church so that we can honor their memory during Mass. On November 1st, the Solemnity of All Saints, Holy Mass at 12:00pm will be offered for all our deceased parishioners. All are invited to attend. 

In loving memory of  Guiseppe Koo (2011), John Huang (2013), Kam Chan (2013), Tsung Jung Hsiao (2014), David Wu (2014), Tina Shih (2016), Hansan Dong (2016), Patricia Amador (2018), John Parker (2018), Joseph Ho (2018), Yur Hui Chai (2019), Cheng Hoe Ong (2019), Chai Sue Chai (2021).  

Giving Tuesday is on November 30. This year, you can put your donations in the special envelopes and drop them in the collection during Mass or in the donation box. Our fund-raising project for Giving Tuesday is to upgrade our drainage system in the front of the Sanctuary building. Thank you!   

Garage Sale  Our pre-Christmas holiday garage sale will be on November 6. Please check if you have items in good condition to donate. Please sign up with Daisy Tsui or Angela Lau if you can be present to help during the garage sale. Thank you!