St. Anna Wang
1886-1900 AD

Saint Anna Wang (1886-1900 AD)

Feast Day: July 9 (Holy Martyrs of China)

St. Anna Wang was born in the Xingtai Hebei Province in China in 1886 to Catholic parents and lost her mother at a young age. Anna was fervent in her faith, intently studying the Catechism and continually devoting herself to pious exercises. At the age of 10, Anna dedicated her whole life to God.

On July 21, 1900, a Chinese political and religious group called the Boxers began a bloody persecution against Christians in China. As the Boxers approached Anna’s village, she took shelter in the nearby Catholic school with a group of Catholic women. With determination in her eyes, Anna led the women in prayer and helped them persevere in their faith through her words of encouragement.

Eventually a group of Boxers reached the school, and the leader told the women to renounce God or die. As the Boxers led away Anna’s stepmother, Anna cried out, “I want to believe in God. I want to remain a Catholic. I do not want to leave the Church! Jesus help me!” The next day, the Boxers took the women to their execution and once more demanded that they renounce their faith. Anna responded by kneeling, holding her hands towards heaven, and calmly saying, “The door of heaven is open for all!” She whispered, “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus” as she was killed. Witnesses spoke of her bravery and peace. Anna was confident in Jesus’ love for her and the promise of eternal life in heaven with Him.