Our Prayer

Lord our God, we praise you and we thank you, for after many years of waiting, you have blessed your people so that we may finally build a church.

Lord Jesus Christ, before you ascended into heaven, you commanded your disciples to go into the world to preach the Gospel. Through water and the Holy Spirit, we have been called to be your disciples and to share in the mission of bringing your Good News to the world. We beg you to ignite the fire in our hearts to preach the Gospel. Strengthen our faith so that we may create a new culture of evangelization.  

We know that evangelization is the mission of every church member; in fact, our basic commitment as the people of God. We ask that you move our hearts with the grace of the Holy Spirit, that wherever we are, at home and at work, we may be able to fulfill the mission of evangelization, and to spread the Gospel of Love to all those we meet. Amen.