July 9th is the feast day of the Holy Martyrs of China. The Holy Name of Jesus Chinese Catholic Mission will celebrate the feast day of the Holy Martyrs of China on Sunday, July 10th.

21 years ago, on October 1st, 2000, Pope John Paul II canonized 120 martyrs of China. Of the 120 Saints, 87 are Chinese and 33 are foreign missionaries. Among them are 6 bishops, 23 priests, 8 monks (one of whom is a novice), 7 nuns and 76 lay people (two of whom were catechumens). According to historical records, the Catholic faith was officially introduced to China during the Yuan Dynasty (13th century). From the Yuan Dynasty to the present, great sacrifices are still being made for the faith. Let us imitate the Holy Martyrs of China in their faithfulness and unyielding love for Jesus Christ. At the same time, let us also pray in communion with the faithful Catholics in China.

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