The Lost Sheep

In the Gospel today, the image of the sheep that belongs to the Good Shepherd describes the authentic believer; he hears the Word of God, follows Jesus and has eternal life through Christ. The authentic believer is one who is humble of heart, one who recognizes the need for forgiveness, and one who seeks the guidance and protection of a Good Shepherd.

Some people have chosen not to follow Christ. Some have rejected Him; some have ignored His teachings, while others have modified His teachings to conform to their personal convictions. They have not truly repented of their sin; as a result, they have become lost in a world of their own making, and they live in a world of never-ending unhappiness. They have become the lost sheep.

On the other hand, many have chosen to follow Christ. They submit themselves to God in faith and obedience, developing a relationship of loving dependence on Christ, the Good Shepherd. Even as they admit to their personal limitations and weaknesses, they know that nothing in the world can prevent them from believing in God, from putting their trust in God, and from loving God with their whole heart. Jesus promised that those who hear His voice and follow Him can never be lost. Therefore, let us listen to the voice of Jesus Christ, the Good Shepherd, and never stop following Him.

Let us say to the Lord: Master, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life! (John 6:68)

Recently, the three backflow devices in our church failed the Gwinnett County backflow inspection. The shutoff valve for our main water supply needed to be replaced; the 8-inch gate valve and a check valve for the fire sprinkler system have to be rebuilt. Total cost of labor and materials were estimated at $5,960. Fortunately, a plumbing company has agreed to do all the replacements and repairs free of charge for our church. We wish to thank Royal Flush Plumbing, especially its owners, for their generous help especially in these difficult times of the coronavirus pandemic. In return, please consider using Royal Flush Plumbing of Snellville for your plumbing needs.

The Installation Mass of Bishop Hartmeyer as the new Archbishop of Atlanta will take place as planned on Wednesday, May 6, 2020 at 12:30pm at the Cathedral of Christ the King, located at 2699 Peachtree Rd, Atlanta, GA 30305. Please take note that due to the current situation with the coronavirus, the Installation Mass will be held as a private event. The public can watch the event in livestream:

The Bishops of Atlanta and Savannah have decided that all churches are to remain closed to the public until further notice. As we take sensible measures to protect everyone from the spread of the coronavirus, be assured that our church community is here to help if you have material or spiritual needs. Private Masses will continue to be offered for your intentions. If you need to go to confession or for all other requests, please contact Fr. Bill.

Sign up now for Mass intentions for May and June 2020. Please check the available dates and use the digital form in our church website.

Sunday Mass videos will continue to be uploaded to our church website and Facebook page. Please share with your friends. All are welcome to participate in spirit!