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Newly Baptized and Confirmed

恭喜新領洗及領堅振的主内兄弟姐妹们!2018 年元月一日,瑪利亞天主之母節日,林建涠領受聖洗禮及堅振禮並同时領受了第一次的聖体聖事。在同一天,孔德瑋與孔德璇兄妹也領受了堅振禮。讓我们大家一起來恭喜他们,讓他们在我们的聖堂裏有家一樣的感覺。

Congratulations to our newly baptized and newly confirmed brothers and sisters in Christ! Jian Lin was baptized, confirmed and received his first Holy Communion on the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God on January 1st, 2018. Austin and Doris Kung were confirmed also on the same day. Let us join together in congratulating them and making them always feel at home in our church.