The Two Widows

1Kings 17:10-16 tells us the story of a widow who, because of a great drought in the land, only had a handful of flour and a tiny bit of oil left. She was about to make the last meal for herself and her son, when she encountered the prophet Elijah, who asked her for some water and bread. After she explained to Elijah her situation, he asked her to first make a little cake for him to eat. What was the widow to do? Should she trust Elijah, who assured her that God would take care of her? Or should she just carry on with her original plan? Eventually, the widow did what Elijah asked, and she assented to give up everything she had left. But in the end, Elijah’s words came true; she and her son were able to eat for another year – her jar of flour did not go empty and her jug of oil did not run dry.

In the Gospel of Mark 12:41-44, we hear the story of a widow who put two small coins, which is worth a few cents, into the Temple treasury. Jesus noticed what she did and said that, in contrast to those who gave from their surplus wealth, she contributed all that she had. Jesus was not at all pleased with the scribes who exacted so much from poor people like the widow. In those days, widows needed the help of scribes in legal and financial matters. However, many of the scribes took advantage of their clients, particularly the widows who couldn’t read nor write. Therefore, Jesus warned the people about the scribes who ate up the property of widows, while reciting long prayers in order to look holy. (Mark 12:38-40)

The widow from Zarephath gave to Elijah only a little cake to eat, but God took care of her needs. The widow in Mark’s Gospel put only two small coins in the Temple treasury, but her offering was commended by Christ Himself. Both widows gave up what may seem to be small things, but because of their great need, they each made a huge sacrifice. In giving up all that they had, they were indeed blessed by God.

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First Anniversary of Dedication

It has been almost a year since the Holy Name of Jesus Chinese Catholic Mission was dedicated by Archbishop Wilton Gregory on November 19, 2017. Therefore, on Sunday, November 18, 2018, our church community will celebrate its First Anniversary of Dedication with a special Mass to thank God for all the blessings we have received, and a special lunch as a way of saying thank you to all our parishioners and benefactors.

Thanksgiving Day Mass

Thanksgiving Day is the day for us to give thanks to God for all the blessings we have received throughout the year. On November 22, 2018 our church community will have its annual Thanksgiving Mass. Following our faith tradition, bread will be blessed and distributed to each family after Mass. A potluck lunch follows after. Come and join us in fellowship on this special day!