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Fall Garage Sale
August 26, 2017

秋天到了!我们团体將在八月二十六日從上午 8:00 开始至下午 3:00 举办車庫銷售活动。請不要錯过這个大濺賣的机会!有服装,厨房用具和小型厨房电器用品以及傢俱,兿術品,玩具和書籍等等!假如你在找 Halogen 灯炮的話,我们也有。千万不要错过这个大好的机会!

Our Community Garage Sale will be on August 26 from 8am to 3pm. Come and shop at huge discount prices on clothes, cookware, small kitchen appliances, furniture, artwork, toys, books and many more! Looking for halogen lights? We have that too! Don’t miss this rare shopping opportunity!